Alison Pamment - CEDA Data Scientist

My main role in CEDA is the development of metadata standards, particularly the CF (Climate and Forecast) metadata conventions. I maintain the CF standard name table and area_types table: these are examples of controlled vocabularies used to label data in the environmental sciences.

Recently I have worked to develop new training materials on the subject of data management. These are aimed primarily at NERC PhD students and others using CEDA services, whether as data providers or data users. Many members of the CEDA team contributed to the creation of the training materials and currently I am working to turn them into online materials for the CEDA website. I co-presented the NCAS Introduction to Scientific Computing course at York University in March 2014 alongside other CEDA and NCAS staff members.

Previously I worked on a research project to introduce a new gravity wave parametrization into the Met Office Unified Model. My task was to introduce the coupled Hines scheme into the 64 level version of the model at code version 4.5. Here are my gravity wave working notes.

I am learning Python programming. These are my working notes.

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Tel: +44 (0)1235 778065

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