J.A. Pamment
August 2004

Refereed papers in scientific journals

Allan, R.P., M.A. Ringer, J.A. Pamment and A. Slingo, 2004. Simulation of the Earth's radiation budget by the European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasts 40-year Reanalysis (ERA40). Journal of Geophysical Research, in press.

Pope, V.D., J.A. Pamment, D.R. Jackson and A. Slingo, 2001. The representation of water vapour and its dependence on vertical resolution in the Hadley Centre climate model. Journal of Climate, vol. 14, pp 3065-3085.

Slingo, A., J.A. Pamment, R.P. Allan and P.S. Wilson, 2000. Water vapour feedbacks in the ECMWF Re-Analyses and the Hadley Centre Climate Model. Journal of Climate, vol. 13, pp 3080-3098.

Allan, R.P., K.P. Shine, A. Slingo and J.A. Pamment, 1999. The dependence of clear-sky outgoing longwave radiation on surface temperature and relative humidity. Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, vol. 125, pp 2103-2126.

Slingo, A., J.A. Pamment and M.J. Webb, 1998. A 15-year simulation of the clear-sky greenhouse effect using the ECMWF Re-Analyses: Fluxes and comparisons with ERBE. Journal of Climate, vol. 11, pp 690-708.

Pamment, J.A., and B.J. Conway, 1998. Objective identification of echoes due to anomalous propagation in weather radar data. Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology, vol. 15, pp 98-113.

Conference proceedings and internal reports

Pamment, J.A., 1999. Assessments of improvements in clear-sky longwave radiation with increasing vertical resolution in the Hadley Centre climate model. Extended abstract for the 2nd Intenational Conference on Reanalyses, Wokefield Park, Reading, August 1999.

Pope, V.D., J.A. Pamment and D.R. Jackson, 1998. The impact of vertical resolution on the Hadley Centre Climate Model. Extended abstract for the Rossby-100 conference, Stockholm, June 1998.

Stratton, R.A., V.D. Pope, M.L. Gallani and J.A. Pamment, 1997. HadAM3 - The Hadley Centre Model - Results for AMIPII. Extended abstract for the 1st Conference on Reanlyses, Silver Springs, October 1997.

Pamment, J.A., 1994. Summary report on the tests of the automated cloud extrapolation forecast for Nimrod. Forecasting Research Division Technical Report No. 130. Copy available from the National Meteorological Library, Met Office, FitzRoy Road, Exeter, Devon, EX1 3PB, United Kingdom.
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