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XAFBA Coupled Hines

XAFBA profiles

XAFBA profiles - full analysis of first 3 hours

XAFBA-XAFBE differences

XAFBB As xafba but uncoupled Hines
XAFBE Control run. 3A GWD to 50 km, Rayleigh friction 50-80 km. N.B. This is scientifically identical to run XACVW, the original control, which ran for 3 years and 3 months. XAFBE contains additional daily and hourly diagnostics that allow more detailed analysis of the first month of integration. XAFBA-XAFBE differences

Single timestep runs on different numbers of processors

The aim of these runs is to investigate:
  1. a suspected problem in the parallelisation of the code;
  2. a suspected problem in regridding between the U/V and P/T grids.
All these runs are very similar to XAFBA: XAFBJ

1 x 1 processor
2 x 2 processors
4(NS) x 2(EW) processors


4(NS) x 2(EW) processors