Postprocessing for the Portable UM


The Unified Model running on the Cray has post-processing options permitting deletion of superseded PP files restart dumps, archival of PP files restart dumps to an archival system, and timed release of user-supplied scripts.

Running an a PC, the post-processing options are not available because there is not normally an archival system. However, this denies one particularly useful setup: writing frequent restart dumps as required for climate-meaning, but deleting superseded dumps although maybe also archiving more occasional dumps.

The following mechanism permits the UM post-processing options described above, except that the "archival" performed is merely copying to the ~/um_archive directory (in fact into subdirectories named after job id and file type). Nonetheless, this provides a mechanism for periodic restart dumps to be copied somewhere safe prior to deleting superseded dumps from $DATAM.

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Last edited: 10 March 2005
Alan Iwi <>