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Bryan's Personal Website

I am the Director of Models and Data at the UK National Centre for Atmospheric Science and Professor of Weather and Climate Computing at the University of Reading. As you may guess I'm a bit of a professional meeting goer, and institutional schizophrenic.

I'm mostly based at the University of Reading now, but still visit STFC, on a regular basis, to maintain contact with CEDA and JASMIN.

This website records information about projects that I am involved in, provides links to their websites, and gives me both a scratchpad for notes which I choose to make public, and place for me to pontificate on professional matters. However, nothing written here has been authorised by any of my employers - it's all personal opinion. If you have a problem with it, complain to me, not my employer(s).

Sadly, it's quite moribund now due to the pressures on my time from elsewhere, but from time to time I do attempt to reinvigorate it.

I can be emailed at bryan.lawrence at

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DISCLAIMER: This is a personal blog. Nothing written here reflects an official opinion of my employer or any funding agency.