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Bryan's Blog 2005/02/27

The Temperature is Increasing

In my last polemic on the State of Fear, I said I'd put up some station data from elsewhere. Recalling that Michael Crichton has his characters imply that one can only trust U.S. data, I've plotted some data from the Central England Time Series. I don't think there is any doubt about the quality of this data (although of course it is from a very small region of the globe).

I've taken seasonal means, and fitted some trend lines for the last 100,50 and 20 years. The actual figure is here, rather than included directly, as it's rather large. You can see that temperature increases over all these periods, but the rate of increase is itself increasing. There is also a consistent signal in all seasons.

A word of caution. While such graphs are interesting, we wouldn't treat these as evidence of anthropogenic (human induced) climate change without lots of other information ...

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In my last post, I produced a figure of temperature data. As an exercise in learning something new, I produced it with python and matplotlib. I have to say I was pretty impressed with matplotlib. Although I only played with the tkinter gui and the postscript and png backends, it looks like there are lots of other interesting output types including SVG. I'm certainly going to play with it some more.

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