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Fighting off sleep

A friend of mine bought me An autobiography of a one year old by Rohan Candappa (ISBN0 0918 8069 6). It's not great literature, but for those of us with circa one-year1 olds, it's very amusing to read another take on the day's events:

I sucked contemplatively on my dummy and reflected. By now sleep had put in an appearance and was edging its way over to me. I threw Teddy Bear at it, but it kept on coming. I picked up my blanket and tipped that over the side of the cot hoping to trip sleep up and delay it for a while. All to no avail. Now sleep had slipped into the cot itself. I backed away and squashed myself against the bars. I even managed to squidge half my body into the narrow crack between the edge of the mattress and the side of the cot. But sleep kept coming. In desperation I shouted at sleep as loud as I could. ...

... seems like a scene repeated in my daughter's bedroom several times a day!

1: Eight months counts, ok! (ret).

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