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Bryan's Blog 2005/12/14

Understanding NERC Funding

The group I am responsible for includes both the British Atmospheric Data Centre and the NERC Earth Observation Data Centre. These are both NERC Designated Data Centres, which means they are responsible for archiving the data products of all NERC atmospheric and EO research. One of our problems is that we don't really know about all the projects which NERC funds - we (and NERC central office) are working on ways to improve our information flow. Meanwhile, one of my colleagues (thanks Victoria!) has done an analysis of NERC funding by programme mode, using NERC grants on the web. As of now:

  • NERC has 1017 awards worth a total of ?195 million pounds

  • From a list of science areas ( Atmospheric, Earth, Freshwater, Marine, Terrestrial), there are 340 awards which are marked as atmospheric, totalling ?79 million pounds.

  • Of the grand total (1017), 203 awards, totalling ?35 million pounds, are classified as Earth Observation.

  • There is of course a deal of overlap in those classifications - 120 of the 203 are also classified as atmospheric.

(These are the totals of grants, NERC funds activities in a variety of other ways too, particularly by contributing strategic funds to underpin support for their research and collaborative centres - the latter include us!) ?

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elementtree is in python2.5

See Fredrik Lundh's effbot here and here for very good news for us in terms of being able to more easily deploy xml technologies ...

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leonardo 0.7 beta and categories

This afternoon I upgraded to leonardo-0.7beta, and for fun, went back and categorised most of my posts back to the beginning of May (see categories). Next time I feel too slow to do any real work, I'll go back and categorise the first six months of my blogging history.

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