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Bryan's Blog 2005/12/19

BT comedy continues

Well you have to laugh. Just over a month ago, I ordered bt broadband. Finally, last week, they rang up and booked the home highway conversion for today.

Just towards the end of the engineer's target time, he rang up and said he couldn't deliver a 1Mb service, so he wasn't coming. "What?" I said. We told BT we're far enough from the exchange we'd only be able to get 512 kb at best. But no, apparently the order was for 1 Mb, so he couldn't deliver a 512 kb service ... so I'd need a new order for 512, then he'd be able to come.

You have to laugh. Customer service? Common sense! Apparently neither.

Update 21/12/05: I spoke to someone on Monday night (the 19th) who said she would get back to me. She didn't. Today I managed to make another engineers appointment (apparently nothing had been done to make that happen meanwhile). So, we'll see what I report after the 30th (which is when they're due).

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