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Bryan's Blog 2006/04/25

Orthogonal Achievement

Well, I may not have done much blogging this month, but I've achieved a bunch of other stuff:

  • Firstly, and most importantly, Elizabeth turned one, and we had a big family and friends party over Easter to celebrate. She contributed in her normal way by smiling and laughing and eating in roughly equal proportions. At the same time, we built a deck outside our back door so we can get out without negotiating a temporary step that I put there nearly two years ago ...

  • Secondly, I'm suffering a barrage of strategy meetings, starting with a NERC information strategy meeting a couple of weeks ago, then a knowledge strategy meeting on Monday, and a one hour telecon today on technology strategy. I'm all strategied out.

  • Thirdly, I've probably written more code this month than in any month for a long time - an analysis of who was doing what on the way to the alpha release of our ndg code and services made it clear that there were a couple of gaps and believe it or not my toying with the code for this blog made me the person best fitted to do it.

  • Fourthly, I enjoyed a bit of time reading and making some contributions to some scientific papers.

All this working four days a week. Since the beginning of March I've been looking after Elizabeth on Fridays, and been fitting my nominal 40 hours in the previous four days and nights (I say nominal, because I'd like to be only doing 40 hours). It's been an interesting exercise, because I think I'm actually being more productive doing fewer longer days. However, for all that, I've still got too many balls in the air, so if you're reading this, and wondering why I haven't done something I should have, sorry ... hopefully it's still in the queue!

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