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Bryan's Blog 2006/04/27

NDG Status Talk

As yesterday's last blog intimated, I'm in the middle of a two-day meeting of the NERC e-science community. Yesterday I gave a talk on the status of the NERC DataGrid project:

NERC DataGrid Status

In this presentation, I present some of the motivation for the NERC DataGrid development (the key points being that we want semantic access to distributed data with no centralised user management), link it to the ISO TC211 standards work, and take the listener through a tour of some of the NDG products as they are now. There is a slightly more detailed look at the Climate Sciences Modelling Language, and I conclude with an overview of the NDG roadmap.

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Another Missed Anniversary

As of last Tuesday I have been running the BADC for six years! I can't believe it's been that long! My first tour of duty in the UK (1990-1996) was just under six years, and my return to Godzone (1996-2000) was only four years. Yet the last six years have gone by incredibly quickly, and seem to have been much faster (and in some ways less full) than those other two chunks of time. (Mind you, my wife and I were talking this over, and when we listed what we had done in the last six years it became obvious that the key word in that last sentence was seems.)

When I was interviewed for the post they asked me what I thought I would be doing in five years. I said I didn't know, but I was sure I would have moved on to new challenges. I guess I got that mostly right, I have moved on to new challenges, but I've moved on by staying physically in the same place and growing the job (and taking on a daughter) ...

... and I have no plans right now of jumping back down under, despite having done another long tour of duty :-)

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