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Todays posts may be giving some the wrong impression about what I think about climate change. I've been decrying attacks on foundations, not supporting what Mike Hulme terms "The Discourse of Catastrophe", that is, the whipping up of a "State Of Fear" (ouch, could it be that Crichton at least got that bit right?).

Of course what we really need is reasoned discussion about adaptation and mitigation, and the development of a proper understanding of what climate change might actually be.

Just to set the record straight (thanks for pointing this out James), I thoroughly agree with Mike's article, which concludes with:

I believe climate change is real, must be faced and action taken. But the discourse of catastrophe is in danger of tipping society onto a negative, depressive and reactionary trajectory.

(And still no sleep ... I go back to bed to try between posts ... honest).

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