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Another Nail in the Cosmic Ray Conspiracy Coffin

A number of folk (Nexus via Rabett Run) have picked up on the recent paper by Evan (2007,GRL, 34, L04701) on the inappropriate use of ISCCP data for long term trend analysis.

I liked this paper because of the conclusion, and because they cited us as the location from which the data is available. I wish more folk would do that. We need to be able to demonstrate this sort of thing to those who fund us.

Anyway, the conclusion is pretty unambiguous, and like those who pointed me at the paper, I can't resist quoting the abstract:

The International Satellite Cloud Climatology Project (ISCCP) multi-decadal record of cloudiness exhibits a well known global decrease in cloud amounts. This downward trend has recently been used to suggest widespread increases in surface solar heating, decreases in planetary albedo, and deficiencies in global climate models. Here we show that trends observed in the ISCCP data are satellite viewing geometry artifacts and are not related to physical changes in the atmosphere. Our results suggest that in its current form, the ISCCP data may not be appropriate for certain long-term global studies, especially those focused on trends.

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