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No photos can do justice to this time of the year in the Chilterns, but we try:

Image: static/2007/04/23/bluebell1.jpg

Image: static/2007/04/23/bluebell2.jpg

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Sean Gillies on Wednesday 25 April, 2007:

Wow! What's the plant with the purple flower?

Bryan on Wednesday 25 April, 2007:

They are bluebells, and while I can't speak for your monitor, they do range from quite blue to quite purple. This lot does (and did) look quite purple.

Mark on Monday 21 May, 2007:

You can also get white bluebells, though they only ever occur in small patches.

There are pink and very pale bluebells too, but these are probably hybrids.

I'm trying to find out what causes the white ones and why they don't seem to spread in the same way as the blue.

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