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from every direction it's mitigation and acknowledgement

Most mornings now I get between half and an hour of time to myself: between feeding my baby boy who wakes up around 5.30 to 6 am and getting my daughter up around 7 to 7.30 am ... I mostly spend the time reading, coding (for pleasure ... I have made some significant progress on the new leonardo), and just cogitating.

This morning it was reading; and it seemed like from every direction we have climate change adaptation and mitigation issues:

  • Paul Ramsey on climate change, peak oil and the deep ocean (I read Paul for his commentary on GIS and Postgres ...)

  • New Scientist noting that we may be near peak coal (full article at author's website) (who needs to explain why they read the new scientist?)

  • The Observer reporting that the Severn Tidal power scheme takes another step towards actuality ... (when in the UK you do have to read a Sunday newspaper, they are the best in the world ...).

  • Joe Gregorio on batteries (Joe writes sage stuff on python, web services and much else).

Now the thing is, I found all of them in my thirty minutes this morning. It's an eclectic bunch of sources, but that's my point! (... and yes, it is unusual for me to read things from the NS, the Observer and my akregator all within thirty minutes ... and none of the readings from the latter were from my environmental folder).

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