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My blog postings are also in a number of categories. Regrettably the individual entries on the category pages are not in any sensible order (ie temporal) yet ... sorry about that. I will get around to dealing with it.

The major categories are:

  • BADC - related to the British Atmospheric Data Centre

  • Climate - related to climate science

  • CMIP5 - related to CMIP5

  • Curation - about storage and curation in general.

  • CF - about the NetCDF climate forecasts conventions

  • Computing - about computing in general

  • Environment - about environmental issues in general

  • Management - about people and personal time management

  • Metadata - about metadata specifically (a subset of which is tagged as iso19115).

  • metafor - the metafor climate Eu project

  • ndg - the NERC DataGrid

  • Python - about the python programming language

  • Strategy - about science strategies in general

  • ubuntu - what I need to remember about what I do with ubuntu (new in 2007)

  • XML - about XML technologies

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