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  • NERC

    • Information Strategy Group (ISG)

    • Executive Board and Science Strategy Board of the National Centre for Atmospheric Science

    • Programme Development Group: Centre for Ecology and Hydrology


    • e-infrastucture strategic advisory team

  • Other

    • Climate-Forecast Conventions for NetCDF

      • Member: Governance Committee

      • Chair: CF standard names Committee.

    • Common Model Architecture Committee and Executive Committee for the US Earth System Modelling Framework (ESMF)

  • Board of the European Network for Earth System Simulation (ENES)


  • Management board of the National Centre for Earth Observation

  • STFC e-Science Development Board

  • JISC (Joint Committee for Infrastructure Support)

    • Member of the Sub-Committee in Support of Research (JSR). (Champion for Data Issues).

    • Observer of the JISC Scholarly Publications Group

    • Research Committee for the National Digital Curation Centre

  • Programme Board for UK e-Science All Hands Meeting

  • International Commission for the Middle Atmosphere (ICMA)

  • A variety of NERC programme steering committees

  • NERC Peer Review College

  • UK-US Internet Fat-Pipe Committee

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