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Nowadays most of my activity is administering NERC national capability funding, which is not handled via the regular grants system.


My NERC grant history can be found in their grants on the web system.

Current EC

I am still in receipt of funding from the European Commission for:

Past (non-NERC)

  • (CO-I): EC, completed 2012, IS-ENES, Infrastructure for the European Network for Earth Simulation

  • (CO-I): EC, completed 2011, Metafor

  • (CO-I) JISC, completed 2009: Overlay Journal for Meteorological Sciences (OJIMS)

  • (CO-I) JISC, completed 2008: Citation, Location and Deposition in Discipline and Institutional Repositories (CLADDIER)

  • (CO-I) DTI, completed 2007: Delivering Environmental Web Services.

  • (PI) Marsden Fund (NZ), completed 2000: The Impact of Gravity Waves on Climate (IGWOC-NZ)

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