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2004/12/24: Esther Derby posts a list of new years resolutions for managers. These are good things: summarised as:

  • Define Daily Goals, review every friday for next week (20 minutes effort)

  • Undertake a personal measurement programme (see below)

  • Invest in yourself, spend time on investigating things you think you need to know.

  • Create Time for Reflection.

  • Revitalise your support network (ie identify the important people, and use them).

2004/12/17:Esther Derby posts a sensible list of things for a manager to measure from time to time. Basically she suggests keeping a log of how one spends time by filling out a gridded piece of paper for a couple of weeks, with how one has spent the last half hour ....

Her list was:

  • Number of standing meetings, those scheduled far in advance and held at regular intervals

  • Number of ad hoc meetings, those scheduled a day or less in advance

  • Number of ad hoc requests (and where they come from)

  • Number of phone calls received, missed, returned

  • Number of emails received, read to the bottom, responded to

  • Time spent one-on-one with members of your team

  • Number of obstacles removed for your team

  • Number of issues investigated on behalf of your team

  • Time spent 1:1 with team members

  • Time spent informally with team members

  • Time spent with peers

  • Time spent on professional development (formal or informal)

She said:

Knowing where my time went helped me make choices to spend my time on higher value activitie

2005/02/03: So you want to be a consultant discusses good practice for consultants. But it's not all just applicable to self-employeed consultants, a lot of it's plain good advice. I especially liked:

Your customers should never think this about you: list your work in detail to say what you did, and -- if necessary -- who asked you to do it. Which of these two line item details would you rather see from somebody you're paying real money to?

  Consultant #1    Email system administration ... 3.25 hours.  
  Consultant #2    Investigated email system problems per Martin; found that MS Exchange required a patch to deal with the latest Outlook IMAP queries; re-optimized all the message stores and tested with several email clients. ... 3.25 hours.  

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