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Current Students

  • Matthew Jones, who is working on developing and exploiting parallel data analysis tools for environmental "big data".

previous doctoral students

  • A, Osprey, 2015: Benchmark-driven performance modelling for high utilisation of multicore HPC systems.

  • J. Flowerdew, 2009: Evaluating cloud parameterisations in GCMS.

  • J. Ajtic 2004: Signatures of the Antarctic Vortex in Ozone Observations over New Zealand.

  • J. Grant 2003: Measuring mesospheric ionisation

  • M. Chattopadhyay, 2003: Gravity Waves in Climate Models.

  • S. Dean 2003: Parameterising Orographic Clouds in GCMs

  • S. Osprey 2001: Gravity Wave Processes in the Atmosphere.

  • M. Plagmann 1999: Atmospheric Temperatures and Winds observed using a Fabry PerotSpectrometer.

  • A.J. Dunford 1998: The Canterbury University ST Atmospheric Radar Development: Design and Feasibility.

  • D. Frame, 1998: Gravity Wave Breaking in the Southern Mesosphere.

  • A. Reisinger, 1998: Spectroscopic Analysis of Trace Gas Concentrations in the Urban Atmosphere.

  • S. Rosier, 1996: Dynamical Evolution of the Northern Stratosphere in Early Winter, 1991/1992: Observational and Modelling Studies.

previous masters thesis students

  • D.Ferrier, 1998; Semi-Lagrangian Transport.

  • C. Noble, 1998: Forecasting Vortex Filaments

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