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This website uses a wiki parser written1 especially for Leonardo, but which could be used in other contexts. The latest version of the code should always be available here. (Actually, a later version may also be in the leonardo svn repository!)

Syntax supported includes:

  • Links (local, and external, labelled or otherwise, including images)

  • Lists (obviously), including bulleted and enumerated (to four deep)

  • Tables

  • Highlighting, Italics, Math mode (simple and latex if available)

  • Code Higlighting (where source-highlight is also available)

  • Preformatted Text and Blockquoting

  • Footnotes are supported too 2.

Note that both [ and * can be escaped by using a \ before the [ or *. (Sometimes you'll also need to escape the return ],e.g. in a footnote), but generally not).

Paragraphs are delineated by a blank line.


  • Simple local links are done with [WikiFormat] to give you WikiFormat.

  • Local links can be renamed using [:WikiFormat local wiki instrucitons] to give local wiki instructions.

  • Remote Links are simply [http:blah] or [http:blah with local label].

  • Images are included by using text like [image: static/flag.gif] (see below)

Bold and Italic Text

You can easily produce bold and italic text using *bold* and a pair of single quotes either side of the required text, e.g.

     You can easily produce *bold* and ''italic''

Preformatted Text and Blockquotes

For preformatted text, simply surround your material with [pre and pre] each on their own lines, without following spaces befor the carriage returns, to get

exactly \[&<what you typed

For Blockquotes, begin the material with a colon in the first column, followed by a space, to get

Something someone else said.


  one    two  
  1    2    3  

came from

    | one |2 two |
    | 1 | 2 | 3 |


  • lists

    • can

      • go

        • four deep

              * lists
              ** can
              *** go
              **** four deep

Numbered too!

  1. something

    1. can

      1. be numbered

        1. four deep, and even include preformatted material:

              0 something
              00 can
              000 be numbered
              0000 four deep

Image Support

Syntax for adding images is:

      [image: static/flag.gif]

resulting in

Image: static/flag.gif

this next one deliberately broken:

Image: static/another.gif

Or alternatively

      [image: static/NotHereYet.jpg picture]



Maths Mode

There are two forms of math mode supported, simple, for inline greek and super and subscripts (e.g. α2 = β3 2, or CO2). This is done using a simple [m: \alpha^2 = \beta^3 _2] syntax.

More complicated expressions can be constructed using the latex syntax if latex is available on your server. The following syntax:

    [embed latex
    \int \frac{\partial y}{\partial x}\,\partial z =

results in

Latex Embedded Image

Embedding Code

Code can be highlighted and optionally numbered, using the source-highlight software if that is available on your server.

   def example(argument):
       ''' commment string '''
       if r: return 'string'
       return 'another string'

highlight file error

was done with

[embed code python

You can access the source-highlight command line to number lines in python too with

[embed code python -n

to get this sort of thing:

def routine:
   ''' starting comment '''

highlight file error


You can access the DOI redirect system with

[doi:10.1038/news050124-10 nature]

to get, for example, a link to a nature paper

Ideas for future wiki expansion

  • Support limited spreadsheet functionality, something like

    • @rm(4) means row multiply previous four columns

    • @rs(4) means row sum previous four columns

    • @cs(4) means column sum previous four rows

    • @cm(4) means multiply previous four rows.

1: by Bryan Lawrence, in fits and starts, from December 2004 to March 2005 (ret).
2: All you need do is wrap the footnote text in between square brackets with fn following the first one, e.g.[fn: text] (ret).
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